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Monday, June 11, 2007

The Chest drawer Experience

I bought a chest drawer from IKEA. We have other IKEA stuffs like bed frame,dining table but this new chest drawer is special. For the record i am not the D.I.Y person.
But for the first time i assembled the new chest drawer myself. And i never thought that it would be so much fun and the feeling of looking at it after all the hard work.The joy of accomplishment.
Took me almost 2 hours to put 90% of the chest drawer together. It began with transferring the pieces from my car to the bed room. After flipping through the manual, i took off my shirt, put on my ipod and start working. Good tunes, sweat, putting the boards together..i really had a good time. It's like playing with LEGO. Probably it's the joy of tinkering with the tools, seeing things developed as i connect the boards..have to admit i felt like a kid once again.
I halted work when Jannah came in and do her 'poo-poo' business. Abah to the rescue. After cleaned her up, we went to visit my in laws.
Came back half hour before 8 PM, had dinner and back to the chest drawer. And at 11 PM..voila! It standing shiny and new. And i went to sleep..a happy man whom just put together his own chest drawer..

1 comment:

Naziah said...

congratulations on ur first 'kerja tangan'. next time, if u have more things to assemble, call me... i'm an expert on assembling stuff and i like it.