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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Quicksandfvhvsb,?)/. A@@(,$))9);[.??<>vgfgcbbknb

Pukul 2 pagi dan masih tak boleh tidur. Aku sedang memberi bantuan pernapasan kepada blog ku sendiri yang nampaknye ketandusan content sebab aku bergelut dengan NEXT berbulan-bulan lame-nya. Bak kata Shane Falco dalam movie kegemaranku bila coach dia tanya apa yang paling dia takuti, he said : quicksand.kenapa?

You're playing and you think everything is going fine.
Then one thing goes wrong. And then another. And another. You try
to fight back, but the harder you fight, the deeper you sink. Until
you can't move... you can't breathe... because you're in over your
head. Like quicksand.

Lebih kurang atau agak sama to what I've been through.I have decided NEXT is gonna be my last take in my career as a software developer.I fought the quicksand and i fought hard.Nothing beats the feeling seeing the fruits of your labor comes to life (i mean not life as in bernyawa..alah paham paham sendiri lah!).Proud,worrying something might go wrong and i have to get my hands dirty again..and yeah another quicksand.I have rested my weapons for a while,traveling to North today for user training.I know the war is far from over,it's going to be a short break for me.I need the strength to go through the quicksand again.Jumpa lagi di episod akan datang..jika ada kesempatan..

Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Best Acoustic Cover Ever

The best accoustic cover ever. Though i sent the video in facebook with the title The Acoustic Cover Ever!Typo error beb.

Tambah lagi individu untuk aku tag kan:

KNO-Knizam Artwerk

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Tag and Tagged

2 active fast put the headache away. It was a tiring week. We are going for phase 1 launch next week and it feels like we are putting online something that we are not sure of. But anyway the team had always proven to perform best when reacting to crisis. So we wait for something to turn up and do damage control. The visit to warehouse was a valuable experience. Getting down to the bottom and see how they do things in real world. Now i understand their pain and hope we can solve it in time.
Few weeks ago i've been tagged. Well now i guess i have to do the same. Not sure how this works, but i just follow the steps (lagu Step By Step by NKOTB berkumandang sebagai runut bunyi entry ini):

Step 1:((Step One..one...one))
Link to my tagger? Hmm what does it mean by linking?i do have the link in the blogs i read.So ok la kot.Next..

Step 2:((Step Two..two..two..))
List 8 random facts about myself..Gee do i know my own self? Let's see..random ye..
  1. I was and still a day dreamer. I would think of things that are illogical sometimes..like time traveling or what what would happen if i am able to fly. Sometimes i am like JD from Scrubs. Weird thoughts entered my head anywhere..dalam lift..even in meetings. But the good thing is i am still able to do my work la and get my feet anchored to the real world. And it help me to come out with a good joke..just to cheer up the dudes.
  2. I am clumsy when i am nervous. All those kontrol macho stuff would go away.
  3. I am addicted to nescafe. I need nescafe if i am to code 2-3 hours straight. Nescafe and good music and watch my face in full concentration sampai takde orang berani nak kacau haha.
  4. On certain ocassions i talk to myself. Usually on my daily visits to the loo doing the big job. I reason with myself..should i do this should i do that.mostly working on my algorithms and pseudocodes.
  5. Baru lima dah terkial-kial nak fikir apa..tapi syok juga. What's number five?i've always believe i am destined to do great things..and waiting for my ultimate calling from the mothership. After that i am done and i can go in peace.
  6. I think a have a double personality. Sometimes i can take up this smart,confident, dark personality..kira orang yang agak keji jugak la. Sometimes i can be a bit blur, stupid, vulnerable but a good guy at heart.sometimes i can have it all on one day.Shit am i going nuts??
  7. 7 is my lucky number. Born on 17 January. 7 was my jersey number. Married on 17 March, used to live in 7th college at UM..etc.
  8. I can't easily show my love,affection to the people i care. They wouldn't know.But deep down inside i do love them. Those who didn't know me that well will see me as heartless. It will be rewarding if you see me pour out my emotions. Ask my wife hehe.
Ok enuff 8.

Step 3:
Link to 8 people. alamak aku ada 8 orang ke? so far i only read 3 blogs. Dulu banyak la..
Anyway 3 pun..3 lah:
  • Ateen's A Glimpse of My life
  • Naziah's Ziahlicious
  • Pak Cik Kantin's SQL Kantin..untuk rujukan sql dan command linux untuk diriku yang pelupa.
Okey cukup lah ye...

Adios Amigos!