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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Our Baby

She's 3 months old. Seeing her smile every single day melt our hearts and make our tiredness by the long journey,lack of sleep and the pressures of life as adults goes away.Noorul Jannah was born on 24 December 2005.She is our first daughter, first granddaughter to her grandparents.She'll carry our hopes and dreams.May one day she'll be a great person..a good servant of God.Jangan tidur dulu Jannah..tunggu abah and umi balik ye...

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Composite Pattern

I am on a mission of diving deep into the world of Object Oriented Design.It's not that i havent done OOD, it's just that these days due to lack of manpower and tight dateline i had to sacrifice a lot on designing my application upfront.So i began to loose touch on my basics.Now coding straightaway is my design.Well at least i got the applications running on production.And i just found that Composite Pattern is cool like a cup of hot nescafe in the morning!I never cross path with Composite Pattern..not until I was read Professional Java JDK 5 Edition and came across the Design Pattern chapter that discussed Composite Pattern. In my two years stint with Java i used few design patterns like DAO pattern, Service Locator Pattern and Strategy Pattern but not Composite Pattern. Composite Pattern proves useful when you are dealing with Collections. It provides a way for developers to process Collections of objects as a single object which makes operation on the Collection less complicated. I tried developing my own sample for displaying my company organization tree structure. I found that using this pattern leads to a very clean and readable code and not to mention it hides the complexity of recursivley looping through the Collections. I just wish that we did this during our HR System project but that was 2 years ago and i was not even a Java Developer back then. But i guess it's better late than never..just added another weapon in my programming arsenal..heh!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Alamak Power Down Lagi!

It happened twice in one week. Power disruption at our data center, the heart of all our business application servers. Customers bising.The Management lagi la bising. The techies are in a hot seat. During disaster like this is the time where we can see the commitment of everyone involved.Hard times sometimes brings out the best in people.I totally agree with that.One thing for sure i am proud of my team for showing their dedication in ensuring our services are restored 100%.Some of us that can make it stay for as long as it takes, some of us who can't make it keep up with updates, some of us wakes early in the morning and remotes from home to ensure everything is fine.That's real teamwork.Kudos to all the heroes!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Basikal Tua

Gambar ni saje je aku upload sebab nak test photo sharing guna Hello software. Cool gak benda ni.
basikal tua Posted by Picasa

Hello World!

OK that's it! Aku tak tahan lagi dah.Aku nak blog balik.After few ups and downs in blogging - the recent one was getting my domain shutdown..aku malas sebenarnye nak continue coz i think blogspot is a lot cooler. Things are getting better sekarang although harga minyak dah naik but still boleh survive lagi la. The other day ada bank ni offer gua 2 kredit card which menjadikan jumlah kredit kad saya = 8 keping! Well as long as it's free annual fee aku OK je..bukannya guna banyak pun. Tapi wife aku marah sebab takut kalau ada orang clone..mampus aku nak bayar.Ishh risau dah aku ni terus aku tak active-active kan kad kad tu.Memula ada gak cita-cita nak tuka laptop baru -Toshiba Sattelite baru tu menggoda woo.Kerja agak kurang exciting sebab takde assignment yang mencabar kepala otak aku.So last week sebab takde keje aku go for interview kat satu lagi telco ni..saja-saja je. The next day ada la satu project yg agak sempoi gak la almost the like the one i did before but with a twist. Assignment kali ni jadi experiment aku la nak guna Manta Ray..cooooll!Berbalik kepada cerita interview.it went well except for my english yang err tunggang langgang..fumble abis.Looking back and counting interviews yang aku pernah ambil actually ada 3 je pon including this one.The first two memang successful but yang ni tak tau la. Expected salary pun macam tak logik tapi i deserve to be paid that much if judging based on my skill tapi kalau based on the job scope they specified..hmm i dont think so. Conclusion nye i don't put too much hope on it. Well at least i get to refresh my interview experience and one good thing is i am not nervous anymore.Maybe because i went with knowledge in my head and boleh la nak tepis-tepis kalau soalan-soalan laser kluar.I think i'm going to make it an ocassion to go for interview once in a while just testing the waters see how far i can go.Semua orang dah balik except aku yang menunggu si isteri menghabiskan kerjanya do ofis...