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Friday, May 11, 2007

Goodbye my love..

No this is not a break up. This year marked my fourth year with the company. I came in with a big ambition, to show them how open source technology can really cut down their OPEX and CAPEX. And i did. 4 systems under my belt. Zero OPEX. Zero CAPEX. I had my glory. Being a corporate programmer is not easy. Software is not an easy thing to built. In my corporate environment,rules of software engineering doesn't really apply. You get crazy project time lines. You push your skills to the limits. And political games matters more than what i think is most important:the system. I don't call the shots. The rigidness and defensiveness of some divisions do give us a hard time.Politics. Red tapes.Hidden agendas. And it cost the decommissioned of one critical system that i built. It has 2 years life span. I know it's for the better. The road map that they have is huge. It's going to take more than 2 seasoned programmers to deploy the system of that magnitude.We need help. And help will arrive in a bunch of vendors helping us to built the system. And vendors cost you lots of 'fulus'. At some point i do feel sad because of my inability to save the system due to conditions that i can't control.Politics.I told myself its for the better.It should be this way. Corporate programmers can't be too attached with their craft. We don't own the system. Have to learn to let go...may you rest in peace.

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