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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

2 days to road trip 2007

2 days to my road trip to Kuala Kangsar. This time i'm going with my old buddy:Ricky. Few months ago Ricky came out with this idea:Hey let's go back to Koleq (our alma matter as it fondly called by its ex-students) old boys weekend this year. Didn't took me too long to agree. My wife gave her green light. Ricky's wife gave her's and we are set to roll.Tried to recruit the other guys:Krai ,Nyem ,Lab,Errer(where are you man?) but no luck. Everybody have their own plans and somehow they are not as excited as we are.I don't know maybe its because of the journey back that excites me. Like the one four of us had just right before Ricky got married:the trip to Langkawi.We stayed up almost all night all the way from KL to Perlis.
By the way we made no reservation for accommodation. So 'ni memang gamble aje la'..comes to the worst we'll spend the night in my RIO. Hope we are going to have a fun and safe journey.


ziana said...

so howasit diud? best?

mrbrightside said...

10 people from my batch turned up. koleq is very different diud..not the koleq i remember

ziana said...

i went back to mine last week. mucho different, too