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Monday, April 23, 2007

meetings and me

i hate meetings. meetings suck but without it things cannot be done.decisions must be made.some heads has to be chopped off.some people will have their glory.i hate it.i do love the coffee though.i am a man of action.let's go straight down to the coding stuff..its much more fun!yeah i wish.i do less coding these days.i craved for them.makes me feel itchy all over ouch!call it a vacation?well maybe.lets look from another angle. now i get to do:

  1. my pet project.
  2. i can play computer games
  3. i can read (this year i already finished 2 books..WOW!)
  4. i get to play with my little girl.
but still i have to attend meetings.i hate meetings.meetings have minutes and what ever you say will be written/recorded and used against you when things go wrong.never swear in meetings.never say i can 100% do it.say i'll try my best but never ever commit when you are unsure.i love meetings when it's quick and achieve it's objective.i love meetings when people work together to find a solution and not blaming each other.i love meetings when people tell you have done a good job and appreciates your work.i love meetings when they serve coffee..black.so do i love or hate meetings. i can't decide.i can't run.i still have to attend. have another one coming tomorrow.wish me luck.

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