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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Entry Number ?

KL rains again today. It just stopped. Hopefully no flood. I am super duper hungry. Wife had to stay back late so i have to wait for her. Having a good time experimenting with Visual C# Express. Coming from a Java background i don't find any trouble getting accustomed to the C# syntax. I would love if Swing could be this simple. I just got a new freelance project from my former colleague. The deal is the same as before. So for a month i may have less sleep as i have only night time and weekends to code. But the pay is good so what the heck. I need the money anyway. Damn credit card bills are killing me. But everyone needs one right? Maybe i need more la hehe. It's just happen that ter 'spend' really a lot with it. Now really feel the pain. Regret? Mesti la. But as usual once dah settle we hutang some more..now this habit is so hard to kill. I am damn hungry..imagining ikan kembong goreng masak 3 rasa.....arghh!

1 comment:

Naziah said...

keep the credit card to the minimum. seriusly dude... been there wif 5 credit card bills to pay... almost died of hunger... heheheh....