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Monday, August 06, 2007

Entry at 6:59 PM

My parents are going to Mecca this coming December. We have been staying with my parents since Jannah was born. So secara default nye my parents adalah penjaga rasmi Jannah while we are off to work. Dengan keberangkatan parents ku untuk mengerjakan ibadah Haji.. ini bermaksud we have to find Jannah a babysitter or send her to nursery. To me it's about time and my parents being away to Mecca is a good excuse for me to take her off from her grandparent's care giving. Dont't get me wrong here. My parents are superb care givers..sapa tak sayang cucu oi! But it's almost 2 years now. Initially i planned for a 6 month stay...then a year stay lepas tu sampai la sekarang. It has been too long and everytime i mentioned it my mom would go bla..bla..bla.Actually dia nak jaga cucu dia tu hehehe. Anyway it's time for the three of us to start living our own life as a family. I'm sure going to miss few things like:
  1. Don't have to cook for dinner everyday since my mom took care of that
  2. Peace of mind as i know Jannah is in good hands
  3. Abusing my brother's powerful PC untuk bermain game.
  4. Rumah dekat dengan TESCO so senang nak shop for groceries
  5. My mom's sambal tumis petai
  6. Hearing Jannah calling her grandmother, grandfather and uncle. She calls her uncle by name 'Syammm....' siap berirama tuuu...
  7. Free Internet access.
So last weekend we went back to our apartment looking for babysitter ads. After that balik to my parent's and this thought crossed my mind: it may not be a good idea to leave Jannah at babysitters yang tinggal di apartment. There are potential dangers like falling off from the balcony..issh..nauzubillah. Well call me a paranoid but my instinct told me to scrap off the idea. So this morning i told my wife why don't she ask her mak angkat about babysitters in Taman Melawati ..near her parents' home. My wife's mak angkat used to be her babysitter.She already retired from babysitting. Sending Jannah around that area seems like a good decision since my father in law could pick her up while waiting for us to return from work...if he wants to la(my mom in law is still working). Kadang-kadang boleh pakai juge otak aku ni ye hehe. During lunch time my wife told me that she already have few babysitter on the list. This coming Wednesday both of us are taking a day off for reconnaissance mission.
Should everything goes well and we settle for a babysitter in Taman Melawati, we have to prepare for:
  1. Going out early in the morning from Tasik Selatan to Melawati
  2. Outside dinner 5 days a week since i don't think we have enough time to prepare one
  3. Less TV time
  4. Less couple time
  5. Less time to work on my pet project (which i have to start from scratch again due to my stolen laptop)
However i'm looking forward to this new shift. Just the 3 of us for now... Abah,Ummi and Jannah...

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