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Monday, July 23, 2007


7 is my lucky number. So supposedly July is a lucky month? Well quite.

Week 1
My laptop got stolen. Silly me for lefting it purposely inside the car boot and told myself that thing is gonna be fine in there, the car was parked near the KLCC center court elevator by the way..nothing could happened. The laptop weighed around 2 kg, so i don't feel like carrying it while i go book browsing at Kino. So what happened? Some asshole/s force open the boot and stole it. I realized when i got home..aiseh mana laptop gua? Made a police report the next day. Eric somehow managed to get me a Centrino Duo company laptop which is a lot better than mine except for the memory but it helps to get the job done. Grieved for a week. I actually became KLCCphobic whenever my wife wants to meet at KLCC for dinner.

Week 2
Zam gave us a new project. Basically we have to code the report module in his new system. Alhamdulillah..rezeki. God is fair. 25 reports and each cost 300 bucks. Coding begins immediately. Timeline is a week. Completed in 7 days.

Week 3
Boring. Attended 2 workshops in a week. Semua off site. The food is good though. I hate it when people invited you for a workshop when your participation is 10% or less. The second workshop however is a lot better since they have this new product brainstorming session. At least i played a role from a technical standpoint..so takde la aku rasa macam kehadiranku sia-sia belaka. Plus a 'kakak' likes my jacket..so that was quite a moment hehe.

Week 4

Trainee's lecturer coming for assestment. New assignment involves SAP integration..why SAP R3 file interface is so complicated ha? Ooo yeah..paycheck is on 25th July...horayy!

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